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POSTED ON 17/07/2019 IN Emotional health and well-being

Every past time we have could be seen as being carried out to escape the world we live in, whatever […]

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Mental health funding

POSTED ON 13/07/2019 IN Mental health funding

I have said before that I am happy to see the prominence of mental health in general being higher in […]

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What exactly is coeliac disease?

POSTED ON 10/07/2019 IN Nutrition and Health
7. Gluten free

“I eat gluten-free”. It may sound like just another food trend, and many people may think it is just that, […]

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POSTED ON 09/07/2019 IN E-therapy Help
Porrait of young woman using her laptop while sitting on coach. Isolated on white background.

WHEN WILL MY THERAPIST CONFIRM Please be aware that every paid booking is a request which needs to be confirmed […]

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APPOINTMENT CONFIRMED – How to connect with your therapist

POSTED ON 08/07/2019 IN E-therapy Help
Close-up Of Businessperson Videochatting With Colleague On Digital Tablet

HOW DO I CONNECT WITH MY THERAPIST ON E-THERAPY? On the date and time of your appointment, log into your e-therapy account […]

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