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The pursuit of happiness

POSTED ON 22/03/2023 IN Therapy Research & Funding

The definition of mindfulness by the dictionary is “the practice of maintaining a non-judgmental state of heightened or complete awareness […]

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Expectations and Mental Health

POSTED ON 17/03/2023 IN Therapy Research & Funding

You are born into a world where you don’t know your future. You are looked after until a certain age […]

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Is heartbreak a physical condition?

POSTED ON 14/03/2023 IN Therapy Research & Funding

Everyone experiences heartbreak at least once in their life and for most, it hurts a lot. It doesn’t always have […]

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The effect of racism and discrimination on mental health

POSTED ON 09/03/2023 IN Therapy Research & Funding

Racism is prejudice against an individual, community or institution due to their race or ethnic group. Discrimination is the unjust […]

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The prevalence of post-traumatic disorder (PTSD)

POSTED ON 07/03/2023 IN Therapy Research & Funding

The recent earthquakes striking southern and central Turkey as well as western Syria has not only caused thousands of fatalities […]

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