Life Events

This section contains advice concerning life events. Life events are common points of major change, the turning points in our lives, and include (but are not limited to):

  • entering school
  • starting work
  • getting married
  • having children
  • becoming a pensioner
  • divorce
  • parent’s dying

Life events can be both positive and negative. Either way, they require major readjustments and therefore can be the source of uncertainty and stress.

Not all life events are experienced by all people, but each event is a common human occurrence. This means that when you are going through a life event, you can take some confidence in the fact that you are not the first and will not be the last. There is an abundance of sound advice available.

Going through a life event is usually a key time to consider asking for help or seeking counselling. Consider reading some of our advice below.

It’s never too late

POSTED ON 04/07/2020 IN Life Events

A famous quote by the English novelist George Eliot is ‘it is never too late to be what you might […]

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What is important in life?

POSTED ON 18/05/2020 IN Life Events

Every so often, things happen that make you stand back and reassess what is really important in your life. In […]

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Looking for a job – formal interactions

POSTED ON 10/05/2020 IN Life Events

Searching for a job can be a cause of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. In my previous […]

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Looking for a job – personal interactions

POSTED ON 08/05/2020 IN Life Events

Trying to find a new job usually causes anxiety, at least on some level. Change can, and usually is, a […]

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Job hunting

POSTED ON 10/08/2019 IN Life Events

The thought of searching for a new job can make a person feel hopeful and allow them to dream of […]

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