Nutrition and Health

Why is Calcium good for you?

POSTED ON 07/09/2020 IN Nutrition and Health

There are many different types of vitamins and minerals that we are all supposed to have in our diet, but […]

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What are the benefits of eating healthily?

POSTED ON 11/07/2020 IN Nutrition and Health

We all know that the advice is to eat a well-balanced diet, but why is that? To be able to […]

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POSTED ON 21/09/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing, Nutrition and Health

Taking in the information we receive throughout our everyday lives impacts on what we do, say, and how we act. […]

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The problems with hot weather

POSTED ON 26/08/2019 IN Nutrition and Health

How strange – a bank holiday weekend and the weather is nice! That happens every….decade?! Of course, with hot weather […]

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Alcohol consumption

POSTED ON 06/08/2019 IN Nutrition and Health

  Drinking alcohol can be a nice pastime. I often hear people talk about drinking a glass of wine to […]

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