Blog Update 2021

POSTED ON 07/07/2021 IN E-Therapy Help

At E-Therapy our goal is to help people. Providing up-to-date and correct information on the topics of mental health and therapy is one aspect of that mission.

We think we’ve done a pretty good job so far, but we are always striving to do more. Recently, we have been undertaking a review of the content on our main site. This primarily means our detailed guides on types of disorders and our detailed explanations of types of therapy available. 

To start with, we have updated our content on anxiety disorders to make it more useful, readable, and better linked to other excellent resources elsewhere online. This is so we can be more confident that any of our visitors who feel they may be suffering from an anxiety disorder will have the best chance to understand their condition and start on a path towards a happier, healthier life (whether or not that includes E-Therapy UK services).

We have also added a page on CBT therapy. As one of the most popular and effective treatments out there, this was a gap in our content that we are glad to now address.

There will be many more improvements to the E-Therapy UK site over the coming weeks and months. 

On a related now, we’re very proud of our past work on the blog. Some of our most popular posts have included:

(By the way, feel free to share these posts online if you think others would find them interesting or useful)

We want to continue this tradition. For this reason, we will also have new updates to the blog.

From work to social media to lockdowns, the constantly evolving modern world can be a challenge. In this environment, we think it is important to offer a guiding voice on a wide range of issues, big and small. 

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Similarly, if there is something you would like to hear us talk about (perhaps a topic in the news you are curious about or a personal worry that you are dealing with), send us a message to the same address and we may be able to write a blog post about it. 

We look forward to hearing from you!