Emotional Wellbeing

Why being an introvert isn’t a bad thing

POSTED ON 01/06/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

In society there are many labels that people put on themselves which describe aspects of who they are. Such examples […]

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Money and happiness

POSTED ON 25/05/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Money. It makes the world go round, doesn’t it? Without it, we can’t usually buy things, do things, or experience […]

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Why is exercise good for us?

POSTED ON 16/05/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Since those very first PE sessions at school, undertaking exercise is something we are told we should do. Some people […]

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Working from home

POSTED ON 06/05/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

I used to think that working from home was a luxury as not many can do it. Depending on the […]

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The impact on mental health in the lockdown

POSTED ON 03/05/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

We are well over a month into a nationwide lock down due to the coronavirus pandemic that has been declared […]

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