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POSTED ON 24/01/2022 IN E-Therapy Help

In December and January, we have written a number of new articles and also updated some existing articles with new content.

If you are interested in mental health or if any of these topics resonate with you, we recommend you give them a look.

New articles:

1. Affirmations are a very popular topic at the moment. We wanted to give a reliable and comprehensive view of the topic that also refers to the science, resulting in something that is logical as well as practical:

How to Choose And Perform Positive Affirmations

2. With the rise of social media it is properly more common than ever for people to put on a facade, showing only their best face and avoiding talking about their true feelings and struggles. It was important to us to write something that provided a counter-argument:

Is It Okay To Pretend to Be Okay?

Updated articles:

3. Art Therapy

4. Hypno-Psychotherapy

If there are any topics you want E-Therapy to talk about or write a guide to (perhaps there is something you are struggling with in your own life — no problem is too small), leave a comment or contact us today.