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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Schizophrenia?

POSTED ON 16/07/2020 IN Conditions & Disorders

The field of mental health is filled with examples of misconceptions and stigmas about what certain conditions are in terms […]

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What is hoarding?

POSTED ON 02/07/2020 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Hoarding is often spoken about in society and portrayed on television dramas, but I have never seen it looked into […]

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The Mental Health Stigma

POSTED ON 28/05/2020 IN Mental Health In Sport

Stigma and discrimination are things that people have had to deal with throughout time, in one way or another. In […]

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Harry’s Heroes – it’s about more than just football

POSTED ON 23/05/2020 IN Mental Health In TV & Film

In this past week, ITV1 broadcasted three episodes of ‘Harry’s Heroes – Euro Having a Laugh’. This was a follow […]

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The Every Mind Matters campaign

POSTED ON 13/05/2020 IN Mental Health In Sport

Encouragingly, now, perhaps more than ever, the focus on mental health in the UK is high. However, we are currently […]

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