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Fictional TV shows that look at mental health – part 1

POSTED ON 29/06/2020 IN Mental health on TV

With many of us now watching more television than ever before, I thought it would be a great opportunity to […]

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Make Me Famous – but at what cost?

POSTED ON 27/06/2020 IN Mental health on TV
Make me famous

On Wednesday 17th June, BBC3 first aired a new television film on BBC IPlayer called ‘Make Me Famous’. Written by […]

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The glorious return of football

POSTED ON 25/06/2020 IN Sport and mental health

After 100 days, Premier League football finally returned last week with Aston Villa drawing 0-0 with Sheffield United in a […]

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Why Eastenders shouldn’t forget about Mick’s anxiety

POSTED ON 22/06/2020 IN Mental health on TV

With the BBC1 soap opera Eastenders currently off air until later in the year, now seems like a good time […]

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Hollyoaks and depression – part 4

POSTED ON 20/06/2020 IN Mental health on TV
Hollyoaks 2

The aftermath of Kyle Kelly’s death in the Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, has been heart breaking to watch, but […]

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