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What is the point of worrying?

POSTED ON 23/07/2020 IN Emotional health and well-being
Worry Less Live More

Worries, we all have them. We can worry about smaller things such as going to a new place and meeting […]

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What is social anxiety disorder?

POSTED ON 20/07/2020 IN Emotional health and well-being
Depression Woman

Life is full of different types of people, and every single person is unique, however that doesn’t mean that people […]

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Hollyoaks and depression – part 5

POSTED ON 18/07/2020 IN Mental health on TV

The depression storyline continues in the Channel 4 soap opera, Hollyoaks, and in recent episodes we have seen the focus […]

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What is schizophrenia?

POSTED ON 16/07/2020 IN Society and mental health

The field of mental health is filled with examples of misconceptions and stigmas about what certain conditions are in terms […]

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Why is it good to have a routine?

POSTED ON 13/07/2020 IN Emotional health and well-being
Alarm clock

When it comes to our lives, everyone has their own preferences on how to do things. What we do, where […]

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