Emotional Wellbeing

What is CBT?

POSTED ON 04/09/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing

In my last blog post I talked briefly about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (commonly known as CBT) and so I thought […]

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Panic attacks

POSTED ON 24/08/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Carrying on from what I have been talking about over the past couple of weeks, I thought it would be […]

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POSTED ON 14/08/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing

When I think about anxiety, I think that it is something along the lines of worrying and feeling afraid. It […]

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Bored? Read on…

POSTED ON 31/07/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Can you ever truly be bored? I remember as a child being really bored in the school holidays, but this […]

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POSTED ON 28/07/2019 IN Emotional Wellbeing

Sleep is a fundamental part of our existence because it is essential for a healthy and long life, and it […]

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