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Therapy in soap operas

POSTED ON 28/06/2019 IN Mental Health In TV & Film

I was delighted to see in a couple of episodes of ITV’s soap opera, Emmerdale last week (episodes broadcast on […]

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The benefits of Vitamin D

POSTED ON 25/06/2019 IN Nutrition and Health

 As someone who seems to burn easily, I don’t like going outside in the summer, but there are some benefits […]

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Hang Ups

POSTED ON 22/06/2019 IN Mental Health In TV & Film

As a huge TV fan and a big believer in counselling, I was delighted last year to find the programme […]

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Benefits of Online Therapy

POSTED ON 22/01/2018 IN Mental Health & Technology

With online therapy gaining popularity and an increasing number of mainstream services providing access to online support (e.g. the NHS […]

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