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A Very Quick Induction to Jungian Analysis

POSTED ON 28/09/2021 IN Psychological Theory

What did Jung believe? Jung, unlike Freud, says that motivation is not primarily sexual. Rather, it is based on ‘personal […]

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Should We Be Mindful of Mindfulness?

POSTED ON 27/09/2021 IN Personal Growth

One woman’s experiences with mindfulness practices and workshops. Did they work? It was a few years ago that I started […]

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How to Find Your Online Therapist With E-Therapy

POSTED ON 10/08/2021 IN E-Therapy Help

Being presented with a list of therapists and counsellors can be daunting. Reaching out to a stranger when you are […]

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Blog Update 2021

POSTED ON 07/07/2021 IN E-Therapy Help

At E-Therapy our goal is to help people. Providing up-to-date and correct information on the topics of mental health and […]

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What is Depression?

POSTED ON 28/09/2020 IN Conditions & Disorders

Trigger warning – this blog post talks about suicide. When looking at mental health, I think one of the most […]

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