The platform

POSTED ON 28/06/2019 IN Mental Health & Technology is a platform that has been built specifically for telehealth purposes. Our platform was designed and developed by our partners LILO a multinational web design and development agency based in London with offices in Perth, Australia and Cape Town, South Africa.  The e-therapy platform is secure and encrypted to the highest standards in compliance with telehealth requirements.  Our technology has been built from scratch and the platform is scalable and can incorporate other functions if required.  The protection and safeguarding of client personal and health information is a top priority.  We maintain our registration with the data protection agency in the United Kingdom.

Clients in search of an online therapist or nutritionist will access our platform via the website at  They will be able to search for a practitioner by using the search function to find a suitable therapist.  Alternatively, they can be matched to a therapist based on their requirements and availability by completing a brief matching form.  Once the client is satisfied that they have found an appropriate therapist, they will be able to access the practitioner’s calendar and make a booking at a time that is convenient for the client.  The client will be prompted to make a payment and the appointment would be put on hold until the therapist confirms this appointment.  Once this has been confirmed by the therapist, the client will get a confirmation e-mail and the session will be scheduled for the chosen date and time.

Clients and therapists will be sent reminder e-mails prior to the session at regular intervals.  On the date and time of the session both the client and therapist will be required to log into their account on the website to commence the therapy session.  Clients have the opportunity to complete a feedback form after each session and the information provided will be used to improve the service.  Follow up sessions can be booked in a similar manner to the initial session just described with the exception that the client no longer needs to search for a therapist as they will already have their therapist saved on their profile account.

The therapist can manage their online practice from their profile account. Therapists can update their profile information, make changes to their availability and correspond with active clients. They are able to view, reschedule and cancel appointments accordingly.  They are also able to access information about previous clients and information about past and pending payments.  The client is also able to manage their account in a similar way to therapists with the exception of the practice management facility.  Clients can reschedule and cancel appointments.  They are also able to view and update health questionnaires and other tools associated with their health and well-being.  The client has the opportunity to complete and update their profile and view details of previous therapy sessions.  Clients are also able to send messages to their therapist from their profile account for correspondence or clarification purposes.