Welcome to e-therapy.uk

POSTED ON 28/06/2019 IN Mental Health & Technology

Welcome to www.e-therapy.uk , an online platform that specialises in the delivery of psychological and nutritional therapies using secure live video.  The main objective is to connect clients in search of psychological or nutritional therapies to licensed practitioners using video conferencing technology.   There is significant demand for a more convenient way to access therapeutic services due to the fast-paced nature of today’s world and we believe our solution will assist clients in getting the assistance they need in a timely manner.

Due to time constraints, it is evident that a significant proportion of the population may not be able to go through the process of seeking out a therapist and attending face to face sessions.   In addition, the persistent stigma of going through and dealing with emotional difficulties may also deter those who would benefit from therapy from accessing it the conventional way.  We strongly believe that being able to access therapy from the comfort of your home, office, personal space or wherever you chose will address these issues.

Almost every aspect of human existence is conducted online and this trend is now expanding to include health and well-being services.  This is an industry that is in a very early stage in its evolution, much like where social media was in the mid 2000’s.  The data suggests that the telehealth sector as an industry will experience significant growth.  This is being driven by government initiatives to reduce cost and increase access to care, Insurance companies reimbursing clients for telehealth visits, reduction in the number of therapists and increased demand for an easier and convenient way to access a therapist.

We strongly believe that making it easy and convenient to access health and well-being services especially at an early stage will greatly reduce the burden on the National Health Service.  1 in 3 people will suffer from a mental health condition and fifty percent will develop a diet related illness at some point in their lifetime.  Half of those who need help don’t seek it until their condition progresses.  The main reasons for this poor uptake are stigma, lack of awareness, time constraints, costs and the inconvenience associated with seeking out a therapist and attending face to face sessions.  Our business model addresses these barriers and our objective is to enable more people receive the assistance they need without having to wait for significant periods of time.

www.e-therapy.uk is an online platform through which psychological and nutritional therapies can be delivered in a secure and confidential way.  Aside from the delivery of these therapies, it is also a medium through which practitioners of such therapies can expand their practice to a wider population and jurisdiction.  Hence our system caters not only to those who would benefit from such therapies but also to the practitioners by enabling them to expand their practice to reach a wider audience.

We are passionate about assisting humanity in its evolution towards a peaceful, harmonious and joyful existence, understanding that such progress is persistently being impeded by the complexities of daily living.  We strongly believe that with the appropriate guidance and direction, a significant proportion of the earth’s population would be in a better position to navigate through such complexities without feeling overwhelmed, thereby enhancing their quality of life and increasing their chances of achieving happiness and prosperity.